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Praise for Suffering and Sentiments

“Immediately hints at its theme with its title. Simple yet sketchy illustrations enhanced the reading experience and induced visualization. There are poems that are relatable, and poems that seem to have been written just for you. If you want to experience the latter, please do pick up this book. It is wholesome.” - Sayantoni Das, Thegirlonthego's blog

“Filled with love, sadness, happiness and imagination…I loved this book and I highly recommend that if you love poetry you will love and relate to this book as well. I give this book 5/5”- Bett C, Book Lovers Dreams

“I think Robb has a lot of wonderful poems with lots of depth here! They are very detailed & have a wide range of imagery…I recommend this collection as well as Robb’s first collection to anyone curious, as well as anyone who appreciates a good rhyme!” - Allyson Tyra, Author of Craving Chaos

Praise for Introspections From a Clouded Mind

“A contemplative, honest collection…simultaneously dark and poignant” ⁃ The Prairies Book Review

"Wow! Jeffrey has such an eloquent way with words. The way he strings such poetic and beautiful thoughts together is remarkable” ⁃ Allyson Tyra, Author of Craving Chaos

“I am used to reading poems about self-healing, self-care, love and loss, but this book took me by surprise…The darkness of this book is excellent, I love every piece” ⁃ Aubrey Jewel, The Filipina Bookish